Wheat or Tares?

One comment after my previous post makes the point that we might ourselves be the tares. Of course that’s true.

It’s also true that the real tares seldom consider themselves to be tares. So how can we tell the difference?

One of the biggest differences, in my experience, is that the tares don’t see any need to change themselves. They want to change others. And they definitely don’t want certain questions asked. In fact, I’ve gotten in trouble with tares my whole life because I ask questions.

Now, anyone can ask the “Why?” question like a 5-year-old forever. And a person can simply refuse to accept an answer. I’m not talking about that sort of questioning. But I am talking about asking real questions about real problems. Tares don’t want questions unless they have formulaic answers. They certainly don’t want open-ended questions asked. And they don’t like questions without answers.

But life isn’t so simple. When a friend’s young child got cancer at 22 months of age, it frightened people.

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