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January 2005 SIGNS

Did God Create the Devil?
Is God somehow responsible for the evil and suffering in the world. No, and here’s why not.


Where Was God When Jesus Died?
Jesus accepted God’s rejection so that we would never have to. It was part of God’s plan.


Doesn’t God Care?
How do we explain a loving God when people are suffering tragedies such as Hurricane Katrina that destroyed New Orleans?


Did Ancient Prophets Foretell Jesus’ Birth?
The Old Testament is filled with predictions of a coming Redeemer. This article explores some of the more significant ones.


Did Judas Really Betray Jesus?
The “Gospel of Judas” claims that Judas was Jesus’ closest friend, and that Jesus asked Judas to betray Him. Is this true?


Why the Middle East is Such a Tinderbox
The part of the world we often speak of as “the Holy Land” seems to be in a continual state of turmoil. Here’s why.

How Secure Is Your Future?
In our conflicted world, even good people sometimes suffer.

Making Sense of Destruction
Our world is simultaneously awash with floods and desiccated by fire. Why?



Meteor Impact
An asteroid or meteor impact would destroy all life on our planet, but the Bible predicts something different.



What Will the Antichrist Look Like?
Will you recognize the antichrist when he shows up? The author’s reflections will help you to avoid the deception.


 2012: Is the End Written in Stone?
Many people today expect a global disaster to occur in the year 2012. Should you be concerned?

also available as podcast.


Also in this issue:  A History of Halloween
Have you ever wondered where ghosts, jack-o’-lanterns, and trick-or-treating came from?
(as Dean Edgar)
and as podcast.

Why Does a Good God Allow Pain and Suffering?
It’s easy to imagine a utopian society where there is no pain, prejudice, or selfishness, and where everyone works together to eliminate disease. But efforts to create such a society always come up against human nature.

also available as podcast.

Come Join the Celebration
God loves to celebrate. God has set aside an entire day each week for just that purpose!




Does This Tie Still Bind?
There is a question that is being asked more and more frequently these days: Does the piece of paper matter?


Dating the End of the World
Many Christians are anxious for Jesus to come again. Ed Dickerson reminds us of the perils of trying to guess when He will come.                          podcast

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